Scroll, click, favorites, tabs

Instant gratification

Is the Internet


Questionable facts

Shortening attention span

Social media


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wasting all of my free time

Addictive actions


How my eyes water

Lacking true concentration

Digital detox


Blue skies, chilly winds

Hands reaching for my smart phone

Withdrawal symptoms


American Lovers

My American boy
Tall, dark and handsome
I play with you like a toy

I love you so much
And I’ll tell you why
If you sit down
And have a piece of my apple pie

Close your eyes and see
You’re just like me
We want to be free
And run wild like the wind
To be ourselves
And not have to pretend

To exercise the choice
To choose love over hate
To tell the old prejudice to
Get up to date

You and I are so alike
When you smile I laugh
When I’m sad you cry

My American girl
Sweet, smart and living next door
Through rose-colored lenses,
How different you see the world

I love you so much
And I’ll tell you why
If you open your door
And let me come inside

Close your eyes and see
You’re just like me
We work hard and strive
To be the best we can be

To be faithful and true
To show our true colors
Red, white and blue

To exercise the right
Of free speech and religion
To hell with the state
It’s love we believe in

You and I are so alike
When you speak I listen
When I’m wronged
You seek to make it right

Love is our song
Love is our fate
We’ll love each other forever
It’s our bond
We’re soul mates

Star-crossed lovers
It’s just us against the world
But we’ve got each other
American Boy and American Girl

GNO: Girls’ Night Out


It’s girls’ night out

I’m in the mirror getting ready

Hair worn down, no doubt

My self-esteem and confidence tell me I’m pretty


Kiss, kiss, red lips

My daily wear is Twig

But for a night of fun

My favorite is Mac’s Viva Glam One


In good company I dwell

Thank you Ms. Coco Channel

How beautiful I smell

With the sweet and classic Mademoiselle


My neck is often adorned

With a long necklace of pearls

No more feeling forlorn

I sing, dance and twirl


Out on the town, painting it red

In a little black dress

And a feathered fedora on my head

Mr. Zinfandel, don’t make me a hot mess


My girls and I

Been friends since grade school

I’m there for you, by your side

Ladies, feminism is the new cool


We end the night right

Dancing, laughing and wine

All of us together, what a lovely sight

These are my girls until the end of time


*This is my response to The Daily Prompt





Love again

love again

Like the rising and setting of the blazing hot sun on the horizon floor
My eyes are pulled back onto you
Like the aching hunger of a thousand days fasting I crave for more
My body is faithfully addicted to you
Like the wild incessant ocean waves that violently crash and gently caress the shore
I love again with you