Now that I’ve found you


© 2015 Jules Xiong

Now that I’ve found you

What a beautiful start

To the beginning of us

Making wonderful art

To a future full of dreams

Dinners, movies and vacations

Laughs, giggles and delightful screams

I’m so optimistic

My heart can rejoice

You are not an option

You are my one and only choice

Show me your true colors

The good, bad, beautiful and ugly

Don’t shy away because of our bad days

Remember that you love me

And if we are ever at our worse

Fight fair and respect me

Time will certainly pass

Let’s grow and change together

Work to make our love last

Encourage good habits

Be individuals

Make our own decisions

But be indivisible

Have fulfilling lives

And throw away our cares

while facing our fears

Whatever our troubles

We’ll move past it

Bring out the best in each other

And work on the worst

Without restricting one another

In good, bad and fair weather

Come what may

And if our hearts decide to stay together

Shower me with your kisses

Because now that you’ve also found me

Forever, I will be your Mrs


~Jules X




white picket fences

White picket fences

Don’t safeguard you

From sorrows and heartbreak

Or from feeling down and blue


Behind white picket fences

Real is false and fake is true

Lies and secrets come alive

And marriage isn’t the glue


Break down the white picket fences

See the practical truth

You don’t need Prince Charming

You need to love you


Don’t rush life for white picket fences.

Father Time is here for you

Life will work out and all will be good

Be happy and do you, boo.

Splitting the check

Dinner for two

My sweetheart and I dated for 5 months and have been “going steady” for three months now. We’ve painted the town red and now paying for dinner has become almost a sore subject. It’s not a big argument, it’s more of a discussion we have after we’ve made the decision to eat out and picked the venue.

Whether it’s Thai or hamburgers, our conversations usually go something like this:

“You got this babe?” he says, “or I got this?”

“I paid last time. It’s your turn.”

“But I got groceries… ”

“Hmmm, you’re right. I got you babe!”

Sometimes, if the bill is sky high, we’ll split it. People, he’s no cheapskate. He buys me gifts and takes me out on dates (i.e. places other than dining, like the movies) without a debate. I don’t mind paying my fair share of our dinner adventures as we often seek out new restaurants. Deep down inside, it sort of bothers me a little bit… but it shouldn’t. I’ve been wined and dined by other men, men who didn’t make the cut. This one did. He’s fair and he’s also a gentleman. Chivalry isn’t dead nor was it murdered by feminism. Is it fair for men to foot the bill all the time? No. It’s not fair.

On the first date, it’s customary to do the “check dance” where you fight over who gets to pay. I will say, the man should pay on the first date. How does it work for same sex dating? I have no idea. Please comment below if you know and would like to share. After the first date I think it’s okay to go dutch or trade off who pays.

So there you have it, it doesn’t bother me enough to be a deal breaker. He’s smart with money, he’s fair, he treats me well and we take turns paying for dinner. He’s a keeper!