Still waiting for Santa

 © 2015 Jules Xiong

Every year

Christmas comes and goes

And nobody knows

The present I want the most

Is to see the past with the Christmas ghost

For all the family we have lost

We’ll keep the warmth of your love

And let the memories live on

In our hearts and in our thoughts

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
~Jules X


End Game 

© 2015 Jules Xiong

They were struggling to stay alive

So they bought the man’s lies

But truth be told

The lies grew old

They needed more proof

More than the shingles on their roof

When they were dying to live

They said anything is what they would give

What they didn’t know

Is that they would lose their souls

Their bodies would become weak

Their minds would go numb

Chasing the dream, trying to get some

Their hearts would break

To see their children take

Their struggles and sacrifices in vain

And fall into the man’s cycle again

What will end them is the pain

Of knowing they fell for the man’s plans

As this was his end game.

-Jules X



© 2015 Jules Xiong

If you shall ever find

that life has all of a sudden shifted

and you are on a windy, downward spiraling road

stressed, worrisome and alone

making wishes and praying for change

and all the tears, sweat, blood and water

have dried up in your well

being alone is exactly what you need

You are all that you need

You can grow without sunlight

You can walk against the wind

You can and will succeed

You will


~Jules X



Love and War


How do you forgive someone for breaking your heart over and over? Is this what love is? A series of small wars fought until peace is achieved? If so I’ll go create my own utopia by myself. I’m tired of rebuilding after every battle. The repeated pain is tortuous and I once read somewhere that suffering was optional. Why plan for the rest of our lives if we’re going to kill each other before we get there? 
~Jules X