Memorial Day
Memorial Day Event 2014


Remember to tell him about the little things that matter

Like the music of rain on the widow sill, pitter patter

Remember to nudge him to glance at flowers

In beauty and sadness there is also power

Remember to show him how to look for rainbows

Because just beyond them are angels

Remember to walk, skip, climb or hike with him to a place

Where you both can soak in nature’s embrace

Remember to hold his hand and guide him

Support him and love him in times of panic and in trepidation

Remind him of our bond and our courage

Reinstall in him hope and love for our nation

Let him be free to choose his path

Let him be strong to cry in pain

Let him know it was not in vain

Let him question why

Ensure him that I was not wronged

Remind him that he, you and I

Family, friendship, love and freedom are why

Remember me and I will never die

In remembrance of those, and their families, who served, currently serve, plan to serve and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and our great nation.


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