GNO: Girls’ Night Out


It’s girls’ night out

I’m in the mirror getting ready

Hair worn down, no doubt

My self-esteem and confidence tell me I’m pretty


Kiss, kiss, red lips

My daily wear is Twig

But for a night of fun

My favorite is Mac’s Viva Glam One


In good company I dwell

Thank you Ms. Coco Channel

How beautiful I smell

With the sweet and classic Mademoiselle


My neck is often adorned

With a long necklace of pearls

No more feeling forlorn

I sing, dance and twirl


Out on the town, painting it red

In a little black dress

And a feathered fedora on my head

Mr. Zinfandel, don’t make me a hot mess


My girls and I

Been friends since grade school

I’m there for you, by your side

Ladies, feminism is the new cool


We end the night right

Dancing, laughing and wine

All of us together, what a lovely sight

These are my girls until the end of time


*This is my response to The Daily Prompt





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